March 18th is both Global Recycling Day and the start of our National Water Week in Cape Town, two very important occasions in our calendar. After last year’s Day Zero threat, we ramped up our efforts in a big way, from educating guests on the part they can play, to actually changing our infrastructure to support an ongoing effort, not just one that lasts only as long as the immediate problem. You can read about more of that here.

We are very proud to report that we have managed to assist Cape Town in the radical reduction of water consumption and the education of both local and international visitors. While we are doing everything we can to lighten the load and ask our guests to assist us with this mission, Cape Town is very much open for business and no trip to the city will be any less wonderful.

As for recycling, we are doing everything we can to drastically reduce our plastic usage, starting with projects like making biodegradable straws available at the hotel. They are made from PLA (or Polylactic Acid), a biodegradable material that resembles plastic and gives the same rigidity but meets all the eco criteria demanded in a changing world. We also use glass bottles instead of plastic in our rooms and restaurants.

Recycling of water is of paramount importance to us too so we have complex grey-water systems in place, from capturing air-conditioners outlet water for gardening and cleaning, and recycling water from laundry washing, which you can imagine is quite an operation for a 349 room hotel. But there is no compromising when it comes to protecting our environment and every little effort helps the greater cause!

A few more important things to know about The President Hotel:

  • We use LED Energy-Saving Lighting.
  • We have a generator to support operations during Load Shedding.
  • When we need to fill up our pool, we source water from outside drought-striken areas.

We have great plans for how we can continue to reduce our reliance on the grid over the coming years and we’ll continue to share those developments with you as we go so please watch this space…

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