As the Western Cape water shortage grows ever more apparent, the possibility of Cape Town becoming the first city in the world to run out of water is potentially a sad reality. Dam levels are sitting at 30%, and Mayor De Lille has stated that if they fall below 14% The City will stop the municipal supply of water. Like all South Africans, the thought of Cape Town running out of water fills the President Hotel team with a sense of fear and sadness, that this beautiful tourist destination could potentially fall on extremely trying times.

However, the President Hotel has not lost faith in the fact that this beautiful and vibrant city, and it’s beautiful and vibrant inhabitants, will no doubt come out of this crisis to see better days. As some rains fall and water saving measures are implemented, Day Zero gets pushed back further and Capetonians can feel a small respite from the doom and gloom that is being anticipated.

The President Hotel implements crucial water saving measures

The President Hotel is expecting a bumper season and the key will be to ensure that, not only do our guests enjoy their best holiday ever, but that the hotel plays a responsible part in conserving water during this crisis. From the hotel’s side, the water saving techniques that have been implemented are numerous. These measures have been highlighted on our website and communicated to guests and the travel industry. Water restrictors in bathrooms, greywater systems and synthetic grass have been installed and bath plugs have been removed. In order to reduce the hotel’s usage of municipal water and to keep up with daily hotel requirements, an alternative water supply is being shipped in from other provinces that have surplus water.


The President Hotel has always prided itself in playing an integral role in the community and in cultivating a sense of Ubuntu. An ethos that has been adopted by the hotel since the reopening in 1998 by Madiba himself. The hotel is urging all of its guests to help make a difference and to #savelikealocal. Although the hotel doesn’t want any guest to feel deprived of their holiday experience, it is also important that the locals aren’t deprived of this vital life source in the future. Therefore, the President team is encouraging all guests to make a few minor changes to their lifestyle and habits, which will go a long way in having a significant impact on saving this precious commodity.

In addition to providing for their in-house guests, the President Hotel will also be stock piling bottled water, which will then be donated back to the local community and staff, should the city’s supply of water run out.

The President Hotel is looking forward to welcoming all our guests for their summer holiday but please be mindful and play a part in saving this precious life source. We want to encourage all our guests and visitors to Cape Town to #savelikealocal.

For more information on how the President Hotel is helping to save water contact or visit

If visitors to the city wish to find out more on how they can do their bit and save like a local, visit the following pages for a bit of insight into water saving tips.

For more information on how the President Hotel is helping to save water, contact or visit

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