EXPLORE the oceans where a world of wonder
awaits. From endless-white beaches and glittering
waves to preening penguins, fluking whales and
prowling great whites, there’s so much to discover
here in the Cape where Oceans meet.


Turquoise water of a summer wave barreling towards Clifton Beach.

A unique view of the Twelve Apostles overlooking Camps Bay.

A giant wave about to smash into Camps Bay beach.

Klein Leeukoppie (Little Lion’s Head) towering over Llandudno Beach.


Anemones at Llandudno Beach.

Eagle Ray at Two Oceans Aquarium.

Green Turtle at Two Oceans Aquarium.

Snorkeling with a Cape Fur Seal near Hout Bay.

Cape Fur Seal ‘underwater dancer’ near Hout Bay.

Surfer at Glen Beach, Camps Bay.

A school of hottentot fish, also known as seabream, at home in the kelp forest of False Bay.

Great White Shark in Gansbaai

Sea Anemone in False Bay.

The kelp forest of Bali Bay in Bakoven.

Frank Solomon, Cape Town born Big Wave Surfer, taking on a spot called “Dungeons” in Hout Bay.

The African penguins at Boulders Beach near Simon’s Town in False Bay.


Wind-whipped seas overlooked by the Twelve Apostles of Camps Bay, send a choppy wave onto a collision course with another, flaring skyward, as the energy meets.

A wave leaving the bay in Bakoven strikes an incoming wave at just the right moment to create this unique spectacle.

A surge of energy replacing the void left by the previous wave folds over in the Camps Bay sunset.

Travelling through deep water, a swell reaches a shallow reef where it is slowed down, forcing it to fold over.

The spirals of energy are created by the crashing lip, hitting the surface each time a wave breaks.

The ocean’s unbroken surface of wind-still days emulates oil, as a deep-water swell draws off the reef, reflecting the gold-lit Table Mountain in its face.

As a wave marches towards the shore, inconspicuous irregularities in the surface of the ocean collide to create this emulation of a sailfish.

Back-lit by a sunset in Camps Bay, a wave lurches up from the deep, as it meets the shallow reef.

During the calm of a winter storm, fast moving and powerful waves march toward Camps Bay beach, standing up and folding over before rolling up the beach as foam.

The view from below as a barreling breaker spirals toward Camps Bay beach.