It’s official! You can now enjoy #ThePreferredLife #AtThePresident.

We are proud to announce that the President Hotel has joined the Preferred Hotels & Resorts family – the world’s largest independent hotel brand representing more than 750 distinctive hotels, resorts, and residences across 85 countries. What’s more, we’re the largest independent hotel in South Africa to join the family.


With a 16 year history in Africa, Preferred Hotels & Resorts is present in 15 countries including the Indian Ocean, with a total of 36 hotels and resorts in the brand’s portfolio. Each partnered hotel is carefully considered based on its ability to offer memorable moments in luxury travel and hospitality. We have been recognised for our passion for our home and offering guests a genuine representation of Cape Town, not only through our location on the Atlantic Seaboard but also the experiences we have on offer.

“At The President, we take pride in providing the best quality service to our guests and believe in dedicating our brand to innovative hospitality solutions in order to offer curated experiences of our incredible city. These are standards we feel are aligned with Preferred Hotels and are looking forward to fostering in this new partnership.” – Jeremy Clayton, shareholder and manager of the President Hotel.

Celebrating over two decades of authentic and bespoke experiences for business and leisure travellers, as well as 250 years of heritage, we’ve established our iconic status for capturing the best of Cape Town through unique luxury offerings. From our distinct positioning, nestled in-between the pristine beaches and vibrant city, to local activities to suit a wide range of needs and interests, to culinary wonders from the hotel’s five unique restaurants and bar areas, and more, The President aims to inspire guests to not just visit Cape Town but experience it first-hand.

Coming soon… I Prefer, an exclusive membership programme that all our guests can sign up for. You can enjoy instant benefits with every stay, including free Internet, priority early check-in and late check-out, room upgrades and points redeemable for nights, hotel activities, meals and more at all hotels around the world that are linked to #ThePreferredLife.

Fun Fact about Travel and #ThePreferredLife pineapple emblem: The pineapple became the emblem of hospitality more than 500 years ago when seafarers sought places to relax in port towns and would look for homes that had pineapple hung in their entrance, a signal that those friendly locals would welcome them for a meal or place to sleep. Since then, the pineapple has been used to express that ‘you are welcome here’ in a multitude of ways including depictions in monuments and the designs of doors, gates, and entryways across cities worldwide.

We’ll keep you updated as we get better and better acquainted with our new Preferred Hotels & Resorts family!

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