Exciting Development

By 9th Oct 2018Oct 22nd, 2018Uncategorised

Any storm is the perfect storm in our books!

Cape Town has been blessed with some beautiful rain over the past 2 weeks and the Mother City celebrated when the rains started to fall, bringing slight relief from the current drought that we are experiencing.

The rising waters in Theewaterskloof Dam are a joyous sight to behold. You can view the footage on the below link:

While the rain has been a blessing, it has not resolved the serious drought problem facing the province. Level 6b restrictions are still in place and Capetonians are urged to continue with their water saving efforts and adhere to the water restrictions that are currently in place.

The President Hotel continues in its efforts to reduce water consumption on a daily basis, whilst continually investigating long term plans to be off the energy and water grid within the next five years. We are already well under way with the exploration phases required for drilling for, and purifying, ground water. The aim of the hotel is ultimately to have a carbon neutral footprint and to be fully self-sustainable.

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